Before proceeding, have your OùRA ! card details ready. 

If you do not have a travel card, you can sign up here. If you do not have any ID number, you can go to a Transisère agency to sign up for an account. You can also request one via


You have two options to top up your personal OùRA! Card :

 1 Top up your OùRA ! card online :

Get your fares and season tickets within 72 hours at a Transisère validator (on board or at a point of sales) or at Transisère automated validator machine.




No USB flash drive needed



  lecteur-272x194-01-tcm72-109665-tcm72-105628-272x194.png2 Top up your OùRA ! card! instantly :

 (Features available soon)

Via the USB 2.0 card reader (some recent computers are equipped with a chip reader); it is also available at the Grenoble bus station in the Oura information ticket office (side hall), at the Villefontaine branch and at the Square branch in Grenoble since January 20 or on for € 5.



  • Monthly payment instalment for your annual season PASS
  • Instantly top up your fare
  • Top up your season TCL/Transisère PASS 
  • Direct debit for classic annual PASS


 At any time, you can access your balance online and check what’s on your card.