Points of sale

Where to buy your ticket?

You can buy your ticket at points of sale, at ticket vending machines and on the Oùra online store.

You can also buy single tickets (1 trip ticket, PASS 1 day) from the bus drivers. However, it is recommended that you have enough money to cover the cost of the ticket. Tickets of 20€ and more are accepted within the limit of the driver's cash float.

Please note that it is not possible to buy your ticket from the drivers at the bus station; please have your ticket ready beforehand, either by buying it from a ticket vending machine in front of the bus station building, or at the Oùra ticketing office in the SNCF station.

Consult the map of points of sale as of Februray 11, 2023.

   pictoboutique.png The Oùra online store

Holders of a registered Oùra card can buy their tickets online (except for annual passes), and also manage their files.

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Automatic ticket machines

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