Transisère sales outlets

Where to buy tickets and fares?

You can easily find a wide range of public transport fares available at Transisère sales outlets.

You can also buy single fares (one-way ticket, one-day pass) from bus operators when you get aboard. However, it is recommended to have the exact change. Bus operators seldom handle €20 notes or more.

We remind you it is not possible to buy your transport fare aboard buses departing from the coach station; please pay your fare prior to boarding at fare vending machines located in front of the building or at the OùRA! desk.

Map of the points of sale since  septembre 1st 2020

pictoboutique.pngTransisère online shop

OùRA! Photocard holders can buy Transisère fares online (except annual season tickets) and manage their accounts.

Sales Agencies

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Sales Outlets

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Fare vending machines

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