Welcome to the MALP, archaeological museum of the lake of Paladru, for a captivating temporal journey towards the Final Neolithic and the year 1000. Through the exceptional remains discovered under the waters of the lake, meet the men who lived there so long ago.

For thousands of years, the lake of Paladru has offered a protective setting to the remains of two communities who lived on its shores, in the Final Neolithic 4700 years ago, then in the year 1000.

Underwater excavations have brought to light thousands of very diverse pieces in excellent condition, preserved by the aquatic environment. Tools, weapons, traces of buildings, everyday objects and ceremonial items provide rare and moving evidence of the daily life of Neolithic farmers and medieval peasant riders.

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And if I go by bus?

Take the T43 Les Abrets-Voiron line and get off at the "Paladru Village" stop.

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