Violation Rates

Ticket Scales:
The rules relating to the calculation of the lump-sum compensation and the file fees were provided for by a decree of March 22, 1942, which was repealed by decree n°2016-541 of May 3, 2016 "relating to security and rules of conduct in rail or guided transport and certain other public transport", effective May 6, 2016. The new decree of May 3, 2016 makes significant changes to the calculation methods and amounts of lump-sum allowances. From now on, fixed allowances are calculated according to the increased fixed fine, and can be modulated downwards.

These rates are applicable on the Regional bus network as of December 1, 2016.


cas n°1 Absence de titres de transport  72€
cas n°2  Carte illisible ou sans photo  72€
cas n°3  Titre de transport périmé  72€
cas n°4  Trajet hors parcours autorisé  72€
cas n°5  Titre de transport non validé  72€
cas n°6  Autre type d'infraction de 3ème catégorie  72€
cas n°7 Frais de dossier  38€
cas n°8 Infraction de 4ème catégorie (décret du 22 mars 1942) 150€



The payment of the report or the file fees is to be made by cash mandate, or bank or postal check to the order of TRESOR PUBLIC, specifying the report number.

The payment must be sent to the address below:

 Service contentieux cars Région en Isère

 CS 40991




In cases 1 and 2 for school children:

In case of missing ticket, illegible card or without photo, sending the photocopy of the updated card or its duplicate request within 5 days, accompanied by the official report and a proof of the right to transportation issued either by the Pack Rentrée for free tickets, or by the commercial agency that sold the ticket, cancels the ticket and the file fees are reduced to 10€. Total to pay: 10€.

Otherwise, the offender remains liable for the sum of

72€ of ticket + 38€ of file fees. Total to pay: 110€.

In all other cases:

For adult users, in case of immediate non-payment of the fixed penalty, file fees of 38€ are added to the fixed fine.

Case n°1 to 6: 72€ + 38€ = 110€ to pay.

If the fine is not paid within two months, the official report is transmitted to the Public Prosecutor; the offender or his representative is then automatically liable for an increased fixed fine collected by the Public Treasury.

During this same period, the offender or his representative may submit a written complaint, stating the reasons, to the Service contentieux cars Région at the address indicated above, which will forward it to the Procureur de la République. If the complaint is rejected, the fine imposed may not be less than the combined amount of the flat-rate compensation and the full administrative costs.

Failure to pay the fine within the allotted time will expose the offender to criminal proceedings.