Fares & payments: The OùRA ! Card

The Oùra card for your trips in Isère !

This contactless card allows you to travel on the entire network, the Isère urban networks, the TCL and TER networks, with a single card.

By allowing you to load several passes or tickets, it works like an electronic purse and can be kept for an average of 5 years.



The general conditions of use

To fully understand how to use the Oùra card, you can consult the rules for using the Oùra card.

For more information on the use of tickets, you can consult the general conditions of sale and use in the transport regulations.

Printed forms

How to get your Oùra card

Nominative Oùra card:

The nominative Oùra card is mandatory if you are entitled to discounts or if you travel with an annual pass.

The Oùra card is strictly personal. It contains your discount rights and justifies the purchase of reduced-fare tickets. It has a lifespan of about 5 years.

It will cost you €5 to create it and will come with a free case when you buy your first card or when you renew it (€0.50 for all other situations).

It can be established in the commercial agencies of the network or by mail* by downloading this form.

* The shipping costs are 3€ + 1€ extra in case of multiple shipments (maximum 4 cards).

How to get it?

1 - fill out the "Oùra card application" form and attach a passport photo and any documents proving your discount.

2 - send the form to cars Région services - 11, place de la gare - 38000 Grenoble

3 - Once the card has been issued, it will be sent to your home address.

In case of loss or theft, your tickets are reconstituted in a new card (cost 8€).
When its validity expires, your card must be renewed (cost 3€).

Anonymous Oùra card

The anonymous Oùra card is for you if you have chosen to travel without a discount or if you do not wish to declare yourself as a customer.

No proof of identity is required to obtain an anonymous Oùra card.
Please note that if your card is lost or stolen, the tickets contained in it cannot be reconstituted on a new card.

The price is also 5€.

How do I get it?

Go to the sales office of your choice, no proof is required.

Frequently asked questions

View the most frequently asked questions about the Oùra! card and how to use it 

--> Check the Oùra! FAQ (PDF - 5mo)

How to use your card?

Once you have purchased your ticket and loaded it onto your Oùra card, remember to validate it so that you can travel in compliance with the law each time you board a vehicle, including when transferring.

In the event of a checkpoint, you must systematically present your Oùra card to the inspector.