"Bièvre Dauphine" park & ride station

There is a new park & ride station in Isère: The "Bièvre Dauphine"

Park & ride station   This new P&R station is located nearby the future economic activity area of "Bièvre Dauphine". It is close to the tollgate on the A48 interchange at Rives (Access by departmental road 50F) and it was implemented in May 1st 2010.

This free 75-space parking can accommodate Transisère coaches on the route 7300, Pays Voironnais network' buses and the "Satobus" shuttle. It replaces the "Bièvre Dauphine" bus stop at Apprieu.

This adjustment meets the needs of inhabitants who mostly travel to Grenoble or Lyon. Its dual purpose is to promote carpooling, 

  1. enhance public transports appeal and
  2. be used as a hub to connect public transport routes.

New facilities:

  • coach station platform,
  • passenger shelters,
  • a pedestrian path, bus stop flag signs
  • 75-space parking for carpooling and
  • public transport users and toilet facilities.

All of this is enhanced with public lightning and  laying-out landscapes.